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Product Summary

Coverplus is designed to help you reduce the financial impact of unexpected and potentially expensive mechanical repairs.



Our Warranty is Transferable without Fees!

The ability to transfer the warranty adds value to your car! Your warranty is FULLY TRANSFERABLE FREE OF CHARGE if you decide to sell your car, the balance of the warranty goes with it to the new owner. Imagine this scenario: if you found two cars on the internet, identical in every way, but one had an 18 month extended warranty already in place, which one would you buy? Conditions apply: no claims against warranty and servicing up to date.

Full 24 Hour 7 day a week ROADSIDE ASSIST

Free Jump Start, Free Unlock your car (if you lock the keys in), Free Flat Tyre Assistance, Free out of fuel rescue (5 litres of petrol or diesel) and of course Free Towing! This is a NATIONWIDE SERVICE! 3 call outs per year, maximum value of $100 per call out.

NO Multiple Excesses!

With most other Mechanical Breakdown products in New Zealand if there are two or three problems to be fixed at the same time, you have to pay the excess on each item, which means your excess charge could soon be more than the repair bill. With Janssen’s one visit to the repairer - only one excess applies!

Please see policy documents for full terms and conditions


Should your car be undergoing insured repairs after authorisation by Janssen Insurance, then you are entitled to a $900 customer care package:

  • Car Hire up to $200

    (for repairs taking longer than 48 hours, excluding weekends and public holidays)

  • Towing up to $200

  • Hotel/Motel Accommodation up to $300

    (if you are over 100 kms away from home)

  • Credit Payments up to $200

    (when breakdown takes longer than 30 days from date of repair authorisation)

(Please see policy for full terms and conditions)